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Ultrasonic testing


Ultrasonic testing is based on researching process of spreading ultrasonic oscillation and its reflection from defects and discontinuity into controlling products with the special equipment without any damage.

Ultrasonic measuring of thickness is based on electrical magnetic acoustic method of UT oscillations sending-receiving, which allows to find out the thickness of measured item with high accuracy. The inspection is carried out for actual thickness value measuring in places where the access to inside is difficult or impossible.

The main advantages of ultrasonic measuring of thickness are:

  • High productivity
  • High accuracy of measurement in wide diapason thickness
  • The ability of products inspection which made with different metal or non-metal materials.

Phased array Ultrasonic testing. This method is more improved and powerful in comparison with traditional ultrasonic testing, which use singleton convertor.

The advantages of PAUT are following:

– The different angles of input the bundles can be generated with one converter, embracing necessary area
– More coverage allows to reduce the speed of objects scanning, also to increase or combine.
– Receiving image of real position and sizes of defects that makes interpretation faster and simplier
– All information that considers sequence of control can be recorded online
– Reports are provides as image that is easier for understanding results of control for staff.