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Radiography and X-ray inspection

Industrial radiography/ X-ray testing of welds is one of main Non-Destructive Inspection methods. It is performed for internal structure researching.

The technical and economical advantages:

  • usability;
  • results reliability;
  • productivity;
  • cost of inspection;
  • high sensitivity for small defects;
  • results objectivity;
  • inspection of lineal sizes and defects location depth.

The basic method is the receiving of image by X-ray or gamma rays translucence. This method is based on this radiation’s property to induce blackening of film emulsion or hidden image on memorizing plate.

The main components of radiation testing are following: the radiation source (X-ray equipment or gamma IRS), object of control, detector (film or memorizing plate).

X-ray defects detection or radiography control of weld’s usually apply for testing of quality magistral gas-oil pipelines, technological pipelines, industrial pipelines, metal framework, and also composite materials and technological equipment in different industry branches.