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Heat treatment / Hardness testing


Heat treatment is the complex of operations consists of heating, soaking and cooling of solid metal alloys in order to producing the required properties due to changes in his inner-structure. This is accompanied by mechanical and technological properties changing of whole workpiece. Heat treatment is used either as an intermediate step to improve the workability, or as the final transaction process to provide the required level of properties of the detail.

The hardness measurement is carried out to determine for the quality of metals and alloys. Hardness testing is used in most cases for evaluating the resistance of samples and components to plastic deformation on the surface or the cross section. This test is used for monitoring the heat treatment of metals, as well as to determine the main characteristics of the mechanical properties produced by converting numbers of hardness by empirical formulas. Hardness testing components and the tool after the heat treatment is the main object of control. Tool hardened to a high hardness, as well as the items after cementation, cyanidation, tempering are controlled on the Rockwell device or Vickers device (optional).